National workshop on contract Drafting – Invitation (November)

Impart Victory is about to begin its another segment of workshop. A virtual learning session to let everyone learn the legal dimensions in these ever changing circumstance. We will facilitate with the different concept of learning even by monitoring your knowledge. The workshop will focus specifically on the individual learning of the participants.

The program is open to students as well as professionals of any field of study. Students can enroll to the program irrespective of their year of study.

Important information
Workshop is a five day program for the better understanding and proper evaluation of the learning program. The workshop is scheduled for 7th November 2020 till 11th November 2020.

Other details
The participants will provided with the set of modules and with the assignments on various topics of modules. Panelist will assist the participants during the workshop. The resource person to the event will help the participants to cope up with the session.

Registration Details

Registration fee: Rs 250

Registration link:


▪ Online internship opportunity at Impart victory to Top
three participants.
▪Certificate of excellence to top three participants.
▪ Best performers will get the opportunity to get the
benefits of our Student Encouragement Program.
▪ Top ten participants will be invited to the “Advanced
workshop session on Drafting”.
▪All the participants will get the certificate of completion of

Payment methods and details

• Google Pay– 9057207185

Phone pe – 9057207185

For queries, write us at: